The SouSa Acoustics Project


The acoustics project endeavours to explore the sounds produced by this endangered species and understand how this species communicates with one another and within their environment.The acoustics team have collaborated throughout South Africa working with a range of different researchers and organisations, building up an acoustic catalogue of humpback dolphin recordings across the country. 

In February 2020, the team also had the opportunity to travel to Mozambique to work with Dolphin Encountours Research Centre (Ponta do Ouro) and All out Africa (Tofo) and extend their research to southern Mozambique. 

Students, Sasha Dines (SUN PhD) and Natasha Shilubane (Wits MSc) are currently working on this project and using acoustic methodology to look at humpback dolphin communication and population dynamics to help inform future conservation efforts. 

Photo Credit, Sasha Dines - Photograph taken during recent acoustic training with volunteers and staff in Mozambique

Picture Copyright S Dines